Jet Car Flies 550 MPH


                                                                             photo credit: Greg Brown and Dave Fawcett, via Gizmag

Stuck in Traffic? Pull up! A jet car in development and dubbed the GF7 is able to fly as high and fast as a commercial airliner. Designer Greg Brown and engineer Dave Fawcett from Napa, California hope to have a functional prototype within the next few years. 

The GF7 is a concept right now, designed for Both air and ground, it will use an electric motor to reach speeds of 100 mps (160 km/h). In the sky it will hit speeds of of 550 mph (885 km/h) with its 3,500lb thrust engine, and will be able to reach heights  of up to 39,000 ft  (12,000 m) (ceiling limits).. The wings will fold down from its side when used for flight and have a lenght of 23 ft (7m


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