Make Fire From Ice

At first thought it sounds implausible or impossible as to be able to make fire from ice but for all that doubt, here is a really cool trick or survival skill you may or may not ever have to use. Definitely a fun trick/skill to show to others who dare not believe! 

Creating fire using ice is not as complicated as you may believe. It does however require some practice and skill. 

Just as a magnifying glass can be used to concentrate the suns rays, a single beam into an intense light/heat source to fire up some brush, Ice can also be used  to do exactly the same.

You will need to start with a good size piece of ice so you can shape it down to the target size.. a Lens. 

Once you shape a piece of ice down to the near shape and dimensions of a lens, make small adjustments to the lens shape as needed until you are able to focus the suns light rays for fire making.


  Fire-From-Ice. Now that is cRaZY!