Water Has Been Found On One Of The First Exoplanets We Ever Discovered

Astronomers found the first exoplanet orbiting a star like our Sun Back in 1995. Now, we’ve detected wat... See More
A Clusters Of The Oldest And Rarest Galaxies In The Distant Cosmos Have Been Identified

Some of the oldest and rarest clusters of galaxies in the distant cosmos have been identif... See More 
The Space X Rocket Just Exploded At Cape Canaveral In Florida

Facebook's $95 million satellite along with the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded during its test... See More
Juno Approach of Jupiter and the Galilean Moons!


Credits: NASA

"NASA's Juno spacecraft captured a unique time-lapse movie of the Galilean satellites in mot... See More
Full Ride on the Space Shuttle Boosters - STS 134 Launch *Natural Sound*

Experience the raw power of the Space shuttle lifting off from its launch pad like you... See More
How A Rocket Feels When It's Tumbling Back Down To Earth

                                                                                                                                        credits: spaceX YouTube  
A GoPro inside a fairing from a recent Falcon 9 flight captured some spectacular views as it fell bac... See More
Is The Universe A Hologram? The Illusion Of The Universe Explained

The theory that the universe may be a hologram is on the rise in the scientific and physics world. This widely speculated notion in the psychedelic and spiritual comm... See More
Space Hotels Are a Reality In The Making

 A proposal to launch a private space habitat as early as 2020 has been announced by Bigelow Aerospace and the United Launch Alliance (ULA). Called the..see more
Caught For The First Time: The Early Flash Of An Exploding Star


Credits: Credit: NASA Ames, STScI/G. Bacon

The brilliant flash of an exploding star’s shockwave—what astronomers call the “shock breakout..see more
Observe Space Debris And Satellites Orbiting Earth In Real-Time

Photo credit: James Yoder/Stuff in Space

The cosmos isn't as pretty as you think. Despite what you see on TV/Movies there is something else going on in earths orbit. 
Tons and tons of space junk..See more 
Unveiling Ceres


photo credit: NASA

NASA has released new images of Ceres taken by the Dawn spacecraft. Haulani Crater is pictures above. it measures a distance of 21 miles across..see more
Mystery Object Slams Into Jupiter

Videos emerged this week of an object hitting Jupiter. The footage shows a flash on the right side of the planet as an object makes impact.. see more
NASA’s Eerie Declassification: Apollo Astronauts Heard "Strange Music" On The Dark Side Of The Moon

Out of radio contact with Earth and all alone on the dark side of the moon, the astronauts were not expect...see more
Gravitation Waves Have Been Detected For The First Time! 


Photo Credit: NASA

Einstein was right!

Press conferences from  around the world were held on February 11th 2016 to announce the latest findings regarding gravitational waves from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). see more
See What NASA'S Been Hiding In Its Photo Vault!

For the first time ever, NASA has released more than 8,000 photos from the Apollo missions for public viewin.. see more
NASA Releases 4K-HD Video Of Our Sun

NASA has created a 4-K- ultra-high definition video of our Sun. The amazing breath, taking 30-minu...see more